K9 Nose work, the new detection-style sport is designed to develop a dogs natural scenting abilities by using their curiosity, desire to hunt and their love of toys and food…(READ MORE)

This course includes off-leash heeling, recalls, sits and downs, as well as… (READ MORE)

This structured course focuses on leadership training and is a thorough introduction to the progressive method of obedience training… (READ MORE)

This course is provided as a follow up to the beginners course.  In this class handlers are offered an opportunity to refine the basic…(READ MORE)

Agility is a great way to burn off some energy with your dog, this course is designed to provide an introduction to the dog sport of agility.  Dogs and handlers are taught… (READ MORE)

These classes are offered for the first time handler as well as the experienced.  Handlers will have the opportunity to… (READ MORE)

If you are having trouble housebreaking your puppy or dealing with problem behaviors like biting, chewing, jumping up or barking , this weekly class can… (READ MORE)

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